Unanderra Relay Room


Berkeley Road, Unanderra NSW 2526
Sydney Trains
2 weeks

Remedial underpinning works. Rapid took on the risk where alternative contractors had been reluctant to commit to the project, enabling significant cost savings to the client, by designing angled piles installed 4 metres deep on a 10 degree angle at 600mm. This reduced the volume of steel and concrete needed by at least 40%. This regional project involved invasive remedial underpinning work on a major piece of active Transport for NSW infrastructure – the building houses complex network signalling equipment and is surrounded by a very significant network of optic fibre and other underground cable links. Extensive manual pot-holing was needed to ensure our innovative angled piling methodology complied precisely with every piece of documentation. Where alterations were required, we had to comply strictly with the chain of custody so as to ensure the essential network communications remained in place – there was a distinct possibility otherwise that the rail communications network could crash and passenger services come to a grinding halt.