Shopfront for Sydney Trains – 494 Pitt St, Sydney


Sydney CBD
Sydney Trains
6 weeks

This shopfront is located on Pitt Street and forms part of the iconic, Heritage-listed Central Station precinct. Sydney Trains is devoting significant resources to the renewal of all shopfronts in the area so the spaces may be used proactively and effectively in the delivery of customer service. Rapid was engaged to deliver a refresh on the shopfront at 494 Pitt St which had been sadly neglected and was in need of some TLC. Upon investigation we found the timber window frames to be badly termite damaged, so custom knives were ordered to cut a very complex profile with multiple angles and rebates from new, like-for-like timber. This was then spliced in and all timber given a fresh coat of paint. Finally new glass was installed and a high-resolution privacy wrap applied to the glass, depicting Central Station in the early part of the 20th Century.