Mamre House


Mamre Homestead, Mamre Road, Orchard Hills
NSW Department of Planning & Environment
2 months

Situated on a section of the original nineteenth century land grant to the Reverend Samuel Marsden in 1807, Mamre House was built between 1824 and 1832 and is now of Heritage and archaeological significance. Under the supervision of a Heritage architect and archaeologists, Rapid delivered underpinning works and restored timber floors and windows. We also repaired and stabilised sandstone flagstones, the roof and the chimneys, and delivered a full electrical and lighting upgrade, completing the work 4 weeks ahead of the expected schedule. We are scheduled to continue work early in 2016, once we are satisfied the structure is safe and secure on the underpinning completed in Stage 1. Stage 2 will involve brick stitching repairs and additional timber floor restoration, sanding and polishing.