Hurstville Central – Ramp Strengthening, Concrete Cancer Remediation & Repair


Hurstville Central - Shopping Complex, Forest Road & adjacent rail corridor
CERNO Property Services / Hurstville Central Pty Ltd
5 track possession weekends from August 2019 through May 2020

Rapid’s extensive experience within and over the rail corridor on bridges and other infrastructure facilitated our engagement by CERNO Property Services on this extremely complex project. The Forest Road vehicular ramp, which provides access to the shopping centre parking area and travels over the Illawarra Line rail corridor, was in urgent need of remedial works including structural enhancement and repairs to cancerous and spalling concrete. CERNO engaged Rapid due to our unrivalled experience managing very complex interactions within and near operating rail corridors and Sydney Trains operations, something Rapid has delivered upon consistently for 30 years. Our understanding of the rail environment permitted us to design, propose and implement innovative scaffolding solutions to permit work crew deployment in isolation from operating rail vehicles. This included a suspended, cantilevered section directly above the 1500v overheads, made safe for occupancy via a custom installation of fibre-glass screens. We also designed and implemented a detailed earthing and bonding system in full compliance with Sydney Trains’ requirements. Corridor-sensitive works were delivered progressively over the course of 5 possession weekends, each involving 5 rolling, overlapping 10-hour shifts from Friday through Sunday evenings and the successful coordination of multiple work crews in and over the corridor. Remedial and structural enhancement works to the ramp and other areas of Hurstville Central were then delivered during normal day shifts, maximising WHS compliance and minimising impacts upon the normal operation of passenger services. The project was completed on time without incident and we received very positive feedback from both our client and Sydney Trains.