Fire Safety Upgrade Works


Multiple locations across the Greater Sydney Metropolitan Area
Approx. $2m per annum
NSW Land & Housing Corporation / Family & Community Services
2006 - current

Rapid has delivered fire safety compartmentalisation works to social housing properties continually since 2006, with the total number of properties upgraded exceeding 15,000 during that time. Fire is a significant risk in multi-occupancy unit blocks – our work is designed to ensure that should a fire start in one unit, it is confined to that unit and cannot spread further throughout the block. The work involves bounding wall separations, asbestos remediation and fire stopping treatments to wall, ceiling and floor penetrations, especially in bathrooms and kitchens. Rapid is one of a limited number of specialist contractors with the right team, knowledge and skills and supplier support networks allowing us to deliver this work and we have consistently delivered works for the client to  the highest standards since 2006.

Rapid holds an enviable record in this regard – modification work can be challenging for tenants and they are sometimes reluctant to permit the work to occur as a result. While other contractors to the client experience high levels of non-access, Rapid has consistently managed to deliver the highest volume of work per program, with only a minor incidence of non-access. This is due mainly to our mature, ethical and respectful approach to tenants – we are a regular and visible presence in each location and a well-known and respected name in the delivery of all types of maintenance work for the client. Our Fire Safety Upgrade Supervisors visit each tenant prior to works commencing, inspect their unit, ensure adequate forward planning so we only deliver works which are definitely required, and finally take the time to ensure each person understands the need for the work to be done and has a clear picture of the nature, extent and duration of the works.

Rapid has an extensive and proud history of delivering works in occupied, operating environments, including social housing properties, TAFE Colleges, Schools and Universities – our personnel and subcontractors are extensively experienced in such environments and our consistent delivery for many clients is testament to our professional approach.