Chifley College Bidwill Campus & Hawkesbury High School


Bidwill & Freeman's Reach
NSW Department of Education & Training
10 months

These two projects were delivered concurrently, adding new main entries, auto security gates, paved areas, and information signage to both schools and furnishing both with new flagship Reception and Administration buildings. Exposed aggregate and pre-cast concrete finishes featured heavily in both locations, as well as a bespoke infill turtle design within the concrete paths at the entrance to Hawkesbury, named Gugulug, the Darug or Duruk name for the locally-found species of long-neck turtle. The new buildings provide both schools with much-needed additional office, reception and administration space and facilitate and promote local community access and amenity to the school. Most of our work was completed under normal school operational conditions and our teams worked closely with staff to minimize disruption to students and staff. In both cases a Primary campus adjoins the senior school where we were working.